Privacy Policy:

At we understand the importance of your privacy. Privacy policy is one of the important aspects any company which creates that trust in the customers. Privacy policy is one of the important aspects which will help the customer. Every customer has to read and understand our privacy policy. is no way responsible for the content and privacy policy of the third party merchants which are displayed in the website. You can always unsubscribe emails, offers and newsletters if you are not interested. Information collected like emails and address during the registration is totally secured. We will make sure that the data collected from the users will be used for internal review purpose only. If our review team found that your suggestions are valid they will be stored and will be considered for the future review. The data which you have shared with the company will not be transferred to the third party for commercial activity. No cookies will be installed on our website to collect users data. But merchants can set cookies to track their customers on our site. You can disable the cookies option in your browser. We keep you updating about the changes that we have made in our privacy policy. International standards of security and encryption measurements are implemented to safe guard your personal information. There are few precautions that have to be practiced from your end like close the browser when the session is completed. Make sure that no one else access to your information other than you. As an individual you are solely responsible for the loss of your username, passwords and other account details. For any further queries regarding the privacy policy feel free to contact us at